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Marggggg a rita cactus juice fun. [Apr. 25th, 2006|11:24 am]
margaritas on the mind

Margarita notice -

6pm. El Toro, east side. Margarita specials. cristobat and jeannienuclear are commited. Sure would like to see menstruatingirl and staysonpaper there as well (V, I can give you ride, call me if you need one). All are welcome, all are welcome.

Come into the light.
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cheeseburger [Jul. 13th, 2005|02:59 pm]
margaritas on the mind

yesterday, abby and i decided to try our margarita luck at the newish cheeseburger in paradise, located on the ashes of our beloved chi chi's.

the cheeseburger drink log is an overwhelming notebook of seemingly impressive libations. swirl this and rum that. when the server arrived, i was ready with the most important question of all: what are your drink specials and when are they? the response: cheeseburger does not have drink specials; we just highlight a different drink each day!


abby opted for the cadillac margarita while i selected the *highlighted* drink of the day - the blackberry swirl margarita. beware of this concoction! while all of the drinks are large (and both of ours came with an extra shot of tequila), they are deceiving. the additional tequila did not mix with the margarita and either floated on top or sunk to the bottom of the glass. in the case of the blackberry swirl margarita, the *swirl* of blackberry-flavoring had the consistency of indestructible gel. when stirred into the drink, the *swirl* substance broke into little magenta clots that had a brain-tingling (in the most horrible way imaginable) effect when sucked through a straw. think of these clots, suspended in a perfectly good margarita... i nearly despaired.

not to mention that the temperature in cheeseburger is colder than the arctic regions on earth. my nipples have never felt more uncomfortable in their short, happy lives.

cheeseburger rating:
margaritas: 7/10 (no drink specials and red clots - but they ARE huge)
atmosphere: 1/10 (it gets one point for nostalgia... for chi chi's)
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new community! [Jul. 5th, 2005|01:23 pm]
margaritas on the mind


welcome to margaritas_now! this community is designed to help organize margarita consumption in the bloomington, indiana area. please feel free to post any and all margarita-related information:

  • half-priced margarita specials
  • pics from margarita events
  • news
  • recipes
  • stories
  • warnings

let the drinking begin! margaritas are good for you!


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